Aktuális-e a CoCo 40 év után?? Alternatív kultúrát fejleszt-e?

A nemzetközi CoCo közösség tette fel ezt a fenti kérdést..feltételezve, hogy oly sok minden, amit a CCI használ, az már benne van a köztudatban… Az alábbi válasz John Talbottól érkezett és bizony nagyon is aktuális…

I think that the situation now is that we are even more counter cultural than in the 70s.  Society has become much more oppressed.   …We still are grounded in our basic principles while society has moved away. 

I think that it is important to remember that most of the tools and techniques that we use in CCI are shared with many other approaches.

What is unique to co-counselling is the reciprocal peer way of working and what is unique to CCI is that the client is acknowledged to be in charge.

 The principle of the non judgemental acceptance and support for other human beings is not unique to co-counselling, but we probably put it into practice to a degree that no other approach does. 
society has become more and more driven by assessment, testing, fashion and adversing and has become even more judgemental.  Co-counselling helps us to develop the, to my mind, core qualities of being effective human beings: self awareness, self confidence and emotional competence.  Internationally education has been distorted to ensure that it does the opposite, see for example: http://www.redpepper.org.uk/germ-infecting-the-worlds-classrooms/

Things that sound progressive are distorted to achieve the opposite. For example, “emotional intelligence” attests to the importance of

emotions and working with them.  But the sub text is that emotions are dangerous, have to be kept in control and here are some progressive

sounding ways of doing so.

Also I think it is important not to confuse being PC with being non oppressive.  In the UK overt racism, sexism, homophobia and so on are

forbidden.  In practice we have, for example, rampant Islamophobia, the rise of anti immigration political parties and shocking sexist and other

abuse on the Internet.  The United States has a black president but the experience of being black (or poor, or worse still both) tells a

different story: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2014/oct/17/us-justice-divide-crime-punishment-wall-street-ferguson

CCI co-counselling is, for me, a beacon of hope, needed now more than ever.


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