The CCI banner from Hungary, since 1989, when we held the 1st CCI in Hungary 

Part of the celebration of  the ongoing years of CCI since 1974 is SINCE 1989 when CCI the 1st time was hosted by the Hungarian Community in Egervar is the handing over to the  community hosts of the upcoming CCI the CCI banner, a gift of CCI Hungary,to the worldwide CCI community. This banner has been travelling all over the world attending CCI meetings in Europe, New Zealand, USA and most recently in Israel.  Lately it has been enlarged by Karen Sue, member of CCI-USA, to house the date, year and country it attended for the some 20-30 years to come!
Thus we always- at the closig circle- hand it to someone who is willing to bring this banner to the next CCI international event. Because that is part of the ritual that has been developed in the past decades.

So the banner now is housed by the organisers of CCI, USA and will pass it on to hosts of the CCI,Europe 2016.

I do remember that the driving energy behind the making of this banner was Hava and Irma. Hava already ppassed away. May her spirit find the path which she had served with so much devotion and zest.
Irma, hopefully rejoins us in 2016.