CCI, Europe 2020


CCI Europe 2020 in Hungary

July 25th-Aug. 1st

Bölcske, Chateau Szt. András


Dear Co-Counsellors,

The Hungarian Co-Counselling community is welcoming you to our 8th CCI Europe gathering being held in Hungary. If you have had the experience of being with us for a CCI, you know that we offer you a heartfelt welcome. It will be like that this time, as well.

We have chosen a simple title for CCI 2020: BEING

Simple but not really so simple. Being there for each other in our community as is being there for ourselves. Being a human being with deep humanity may really mean the art of living. Being and acting as one in mankind, in harmony with all living creatures on the whole planet in our universe is today’s great issue.

Being resilient, adapt and transform… also getting and giving support in our co-counselling environment in preparing for today’s many social and ecological challenges.

Come and find out for yourself what it means to you. Or just come 🙂 CCI is open to all co-counsellors who have completed their basic training.

We will put on a workshop for newcomers to CCI and for co-counsellors who feel that their skills have become a bit rusty.


If you want to join CCI 2020, please  REGISTER HERE.

Early bird deadline: MARCH 15th, 2020.

Write to us personally if you have questions, requests the booking form does not contain:

Finance and scholarships:
Agota Ruzsa    

Transfer: Contact:
Csaba Ghimessy

Pre-CCI hosting:
Saci László


Any other inquiries, requests:
Hajni Fruttus    

Any other inquiries, requests in German:
Gabi Sorecz      

CCI 2020  Sunday, July 26th from 4 p.m. CCI starts with dinner at 6 p.m.
Departure: Saturday, August 1st after breakfast (Closing Circle on Friday evening)